Legal Second Citizenship Programs

It would be remiss of us not address the issue of legal second citizenship programs or the existence of illegal passport programs and other second citizenship scams. As a government licensed second citizenship agent, CCP Inc. is committed to strictly adhering to the rules and regulations for St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment program and the Dominica Economic Citizenship program, the only two legal second citizenship countries currently existing.

Non-legal Economic Citizenship and Second Passports

A few other countries once offered similar economic citizenship programs, Grenada for example, but such citizenship programs have since been cancelled or discontinued and no longer available. The extensive scams for second passport on the internet are staggering, so, we acknowledge the fact that we cannot prevent fraudulent passport operations; but we can prevent you from falling for one of these ‘fake" second passport programs and offer you the only two options for legal second citizenship and second passports in the world.

Legal 2nd Citizenship — An Investment

Acquiring a second citizenship and a second passport is an investment. Under the St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship-by-investment program and Dominica economic citizenship program, you would have invested significantly in exchange for full citizenship and the rights that go with citizenship. These programs are enacted under specific laws of the country. The two legal citizenship programs we offer are available for individuals or families, at specific cost for the investment without residency requirements. Fees for Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme and Fees for St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship-by-Investment Program.

Legal Second Citizenship Regulations and Compliance

The second passports issued under the legal second citizenship programs are issued by respective ministries of government and are legitimate travel documents. You do not ever have to fear that you are issued a false document. The passport is valid for five (children’s passports) years and ten years and can be renewed when expired. As part of our services, we provide passport renewals for second passports at low costs to our clients.

The applications for second citizenship are processed and supervised by key government agencies put in place specifically for these programs. In Dominica, the main applicant must complete an interview as part of the application press, and the committee appointed to conduct the interview is hand selected by the Prime Minister’s office.

Legal Second Citizenship Programs Options

There are only two legal Economic Citizenship programs (without residency):

  1. Second citizenship in the Commonwealth of Dominica via the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program or
  2. St. Kitts and Nevis by way of the Citizenship-by-Investment program.

Our attorneys will be able to address all your second citizenship questions or concerns and provide information to help you choose the right decision when acquiring a second passport in one of two second citizenship countries that we promote. Our legal second citizenship services are complete and thorough.

Legal Second Citizenship Programs: Features of Importance

Programs enacted by law — The programs we offer are legalized under specific laws of the country, laws and regulation approved by Government and applied accordingly.

Security and transparency — these mechanisms are critical in determining whether a program for dual citizenship is legal. To protect their reputation and the integrity of the programs, these legal second citizenship programs take measures that comply with international standards. As such, due diligence investigation are conducted to prove that the applicants are of acceptable character and have clean non criminal backgrounds.

Legal Second Citizenship Systems of Payment

We provide accounts in banks that you verify. Invoicing by us and the Government is a safety mechanism that is worth much more than a friendly email or handshake. Given the significant investment made for second citizenship, tangible proof of payment is crucial for keeping records, resolving conflicts and being reassured of professional service.

As safety mechanisms for financial transparency, escrow accounts are managed by internationally recognised banks under the name of the governments of second citizenship countries, as is the case with the Governments of Dominica and St. Kitts and Nevis.

Escrow ensures that your money is overseen by an impartial third party according to legal terms of contract, and that funds do not change hand until every stipulated condition for the transaction is satisfied.

In legal second citizenship programs that we promote, funds are either transferred back to the client if his or her second passport application is unsuccessful (and having deducted the relevant government processing fees, the value of which the client is informed beforehand), or to the government if second citizenship has been granted. With such remarkable practices, CCP Inc. is pleased to have been appointed by the Governments of Dominica and St. and Nevis for economic citizenship program services.

Secure and Confidential Process for legal dual citizenship

Whether or not an application is successful, there is no exchange of information between Dominica or St. Kitts/Nevis and any county with which you are associated. All disclosed information and investigation findings are completely confidential.

No party is notified of your application for second citizenship or second passports.

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