Dominica Citizenship Program Process and Fees

CCP Inc. is a pioneer of the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program. We’ve been involved in this business sector as promoters and Government approved agents for nearly 20 years. We are completely familiar with the process and requirements for Dominica Economic Citizenship. As your agent we provide Second Citizenship application services for a fixed fee depending on your application option.

To initiate the process for Dominica economic citizenship, you must familiarize yourself with and choose one of the options for applying. There are various Family Options and a Single Applicant option. The table below provides more details on the Dominica second citizenship options.

Family Options — Dominica Economic Citizenship

Under these options, a Family can consist of the Applicant and Spouse which will require an investment of US$175,000; OR an applicant can make a contribution of US$200,000 on behalf of a family of four (Applicant, Spouse and two Children). A ‘family’ is generally understood as a married couple with two children who are under 18. However, various scenarios may arise, as families are made up differently. The term ‘applicant’ is generally used to refer to the ‘head of the household’ or the spouse who carries out the application process on behalf of the family.  Provisions are made for families with more than two children and who are aged 18 and over. 

The basic contribution structure for family applying for Dominica second citizenship:

  • Family (married couple – Applicant and Spouse): US$175,000
  • Family of Four (Applicant, Spouse plus 2 children under 18)

Single Option — Dominica Citizenship

This option caters for one person only.

The basic contribution structure for an individual applying for Dominica second citizenship:

  • Single Individual: US$100,000

Contact us to begin your economic citizenship application

Dominica Economic Citizenship Application process

As soon as you complete and submit the Disclosure/Data form, we will contact you by email (or if other means is preferred) and give you a list of the required documents. We will also address any questions or concerns and ensure you get the essential information and advice needed to prepare the application. We do not process the application; as the agent we facilitate the application preparation and help you put the application package together, prepare you for interview and offer support services outside of the actual processing.

Processing of the application is conducted by the Financial Services Unit (FSU) a division under the Ministry of Finance, Foreign Affairs and Information Technology.

The application process may take up to 3 months to complete and involves:

The Application Phase — Compiling the application package

As soon as you complete and submit the Disclosure/Data form, we will contact you by email (or if other means is preferred) and give you a list of the required documents. We will also address any questions or concerns and ensure you get the essential information and advice needed to prepare the economic citizenship application. The sooner this is done and returned to us at CCP Inc., the quicker we are able to advise on all documents that are needed. Most documents are required in original copies; but to get the process working we accepted scanned copies by email or fax. This is a list of the basic and supporting documents required. The FSU may make other specific request at any time:

The Payment Phase — Fees for Dominica Citizenship

Fees will be paid according to the schedule of progress, you must first pay agent fees to begin process, then you will be required to pay a due diligence agency, and finally you will make the contribution/investment to the Government of Dominica.

To begin processing an application for Dominica Economic Citizenship, you will be required to pay the agent fees to our company bank account. This amount is inclusive of Government procedural fees. This covers the legal and professional fees, application fees, processing fees, naturalization fee, passport application fees and stamp fees.

For a single application — US$15,000 and for a family application — US$25,000

You will be advised on the time for transferring your economic contribution to the Government. Normally, this transfer is done shortly after having received due diligence results and before the interview. Transfers to the Government are transferred directly to an escrow account where they are held until it has been determined whether second citizenship is granted to an applicant. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a refund of the contribution after the relevant government fees are subtracted.

Dominica Citizenship Due Diligence Phase

The due diligence investigation is conducted by an independent agency contracted by the Government of Dominica. We will provide the agency with your Data/Disclosure forms who then who will then send us an invoice of the fees for the full investigation. Invoices for background checks are billed directly to clients. CCP Inc. does not receive any payments for this, as all payments must be made directly to the due diligence firm. The agency for due diligence is appointed by the Government of Dominica. The time taken for background checks on potential applicants for Dominica economic citizenship may be anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks.

Results can come in quickly if information is easily obtained from the current and or former countries of residence and depending on the total number of applicants in a family. More work would be required for large families or those that might have changed country of residence on numerous occasions.

Background checks may cost in the region of US$4,500 and US$8,000. Depending on various factors that may also influence duration, due diligence fees are likely to vary.

The results of background checks are given directly to the Government of Dominica.

The Interview Phase

A letter of comfort is issued as an indication of the Government’s acceptance and approval of an application and serves as an invitation to Dominica for an interview. Upon your arrival in Dominica, we will meet with you and prepare you for the interview by reviewing the areas covered in the interview. During this time you will take the Oath of Allegiance, which is required before the naturalization certificates can be issued.

The Naturalization Phase

Certificates of Naturalization are usually issued 10 to 30 days following the interview. After the interview, there is no obligation to remain in Dominica, since the Certificate of Naturalization for Dominica citizenship can be safely sent to you by courier mail.

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